Saturday, September 18, 2010


Yuzhou Zhang and his son Jiahua live in the Iowa City area but his family is from Shanghai. Fellow attendee Ron Nurmi (Des Moines) saw the Zhangs in a recent Chicago chess event and talked up the Clinic. Now it is a realty! This is how it is done. I know a few others who are talking to their friends this weekend.

If you haven't registered NOW is the time !!! The rate of registrations are speeding up. A mystery to me but I admit, I love it. Andrew loves it too.

One person told me I hadn't published the times on Friday. But I had, look on the page with the Order Form... I must've done about 6 of those. We are installing, among our attendees, an optometrist at our clinic who will "check" eyes. That could be another attendee, Dr. Ron Suarez who won the big prize AND is an eye doctor!

We should be getting Simon Williams new DVDs on the Killer Dutch and 2 volumes of the Killer French. Maybe today or Monday. I saw a preview of one and Williams does a spectacularly good job. You will want them. Pricing and that kind of data very soon.

Look forward to additional sign ups. The black and silver Gift Bags showed up two days ago. Exactly, 50 of them! No more.


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