Sunday, September 19, 2010


I misnumbered the other day--so Adam Ford, a farmer in Illinois, is joining us as #38 (instead of #39). I called Adam to congratulate him for making a decision and a commitment! Thanks Adam. Now I want to thank Ron Suarez, our prize winner of the free pass to next year's event. Ron referred Adam to me and he got Adam to sign up (Ron forwarded my promotional materials to Adam). Once Adam cleared a previous obligation from his calendar, IT WAS ON TO the chess clinic. I love this kind of commitment. Many of you made the commitment too, now 38 of you. So Ron gets a REFERRAL prize.

He is going to have a great time and I would like the rest of you to welcome him too. I'd like to welcome YOU if you have yet to sign up.

This afternoon I was talking to a store owner (art store). He was depressed about business being slow and I could certainly sympathize with him. His first line of defense was to tell me he had been in business 33 years--which as most of you probably know me by now, means almost nothing to me. The question is: what good stuff did you do during the bad times (as well as the good)? I was giving him some free information. Still, I asked for his name and address and email addy--which he doesn't have (he had another excuse for that one). This guy is headed for a disappearance unless he changes his ways. He is NOT making a commitment to getting things to work. He is continuing to do what he's always done and the results are WORSE! When you play chess are your results getting worse? Or level? Come to the LAST CHESS CLINIC to stop that.

One person told me he came to the clinic last year and his playing ability now is like it was before. But he thinks he will get better by doing nothing. Does that make sense? Of course not. I have given this fellow lots of good advice, at no charge, in the past year and due to what appears to be an impulsive nature, he continues doing what he was doing last year, and getting beat up time and again. Of course he is not getting better even though, for a while, he was. Many habits are hard to break... and deep down, sometimes that reason is simply because NEW ways don't feel comfortable like the "old stuff" did. So what happens? The same old results!

In every endeavor where GOOD or IMPROVEMENT is the primary focus, every effort MUST be made to change from the old methods which aren't working, drop the old friends who are hurting you, and program yourself into a new you. Most people can't do this for long for ONE simple reason: they do not WANT what others have, badly enough! If you don't care whether you win or lose, you know which results you will get because lip service means nothing unless you put your feet to the fire.

On the other hand many of us know people who don't know how to have FUN at chess and the Clinic provides that too. This fellow I am referring to asked no questions last year that I remember. It starts with curiosity BEFORE passion.

Andrew Martin has forwarded me a TACTICS pdf! I will be sending it out to those who register for the clinic-- one week BEFORE the clinic starts. He said, "They can warm up." There's some good ones. You get this free for coming, otherwise, it is not for sale. This IS NOT the other stuff he is also supplying which I will be giving you! Andrew told me he was excited about so many people coming and he wants to do his share to show HIS commitment to those who attend.

By the way, someone said I forgot to mention the times of the Friday night event. That's not the case. I think for the first 6 or so promotions I sent out they were all on the back page! Apparently I sent too much information for him to want to read anything but the cover and a couple extra pages. This is NOT a "curious minds want to know" attitude. Once again, Friday night is 7-9 pm (or longer), and Saturday is 10-6 pm (but I will be opening about 9 a.m.) Saturday evening we will probably be meeting at Mo Brady's around the corner.

Advance information will be sent out 1-2 weeks before the event, so watch your email box.

Contact me any time by phone: 563-271-6657. Clarion Hotel (563-391-130) for registration at 5202 N. Brady St., Davenport, IA 52803. Oct. 22-23. $139 by October 16th. $150 at the door, $125 if you own a Gold Card.

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