Saturday, September 11, 2010


From out of the blue tonight I get a PayPal payment from my friend Calvin Hori in Massachusetts! He's coming! Yippee. Andrew Martin is a big draw, well-known, and lovable but I am happy to say a number of people have written, "I am looking forward to finally meeting YOU!" Gee guys, that's nice.

I came home this evening from listening to the Riverfront Pops by the Quad-City Symphony (these people are super human in Musical skill), right next to the powerful Mississippi River and I got a phone call from California from someone who I am sure will be #34 and he's got a friend who certainly sounds like #35. The guy from New Zealand sounds very much like #36.

As I've said before, I am sure I can make 50 filled and paid for seats for this, the Last Chess Clinc. And guess what, the guesses keep coming in on the CHESS SECRETS book and so far all the guesses except one (from a 2400 who should know better) have been good but have missed the mark. The only way to find out what it is is to buy the book at the clinic for $39.95. At the end of the year the price will go to $99.95 which should keep the secret for a while (who would want to give it away to someone else after having paid $100 for it?) Will I meet price resistance? Of course. And it will come from those very people who don't think they should ever have to pay "real money" for any thing, no matter how good it is. Sorry, but Bob Long has never operated that way. He learned all about "crowd control" from being in the magic business where books at $50-100 changed hands for the BEST secrets in magic and that was Twenty-Five years ago!

There will be a "continuity program." Briefly, what that means is, after you find out what the big S is, some of you will want to go further to make it happen for you. Some won't have to (you are a minority) but others will want to have a program. What that program does is supply you with additional "how to" information in printed or CD form (maybe DVDs), either on a monthly basis or bi-monthly basis. I have to look at my ever-crowded calendar. If you know me, you KNOW you will get your money's worth. So if I don't get hear from the super-frugal (except to complain), it won't bother me a bit. You find throughout most of history that when someone invents, or in this case discovers, a terrific opportunity, they develop a thick hide about giving it away to those who believe they have a driver's license which has imprinted on it, "Exception to the Rules of Life."

People are saddling up in increasing numbers. I wish I could have planned it that way, but this is all above board. I'm loving it.

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