Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Registration for the Last Chess Clinic. Funny thing, people who have NOT indicated they are coming are the ones who are asking me "How is it going?" Why the prurient interest? Naturally they are locals!

Several have indicated they may show up at the last minute for one reason or another. Yep, I'll believe it when I see it. I think it could still happen that I will be full. One guy wants to come and said he may not be able to make it until Saturday, and that is IF the weather is GOOD. (If the weather is BAD, he has to attend a business meeting!) Said he would still pay the $150.

We'll see... I've recently had to refund three registrations due to health reasons. So I have sold 35 tickets.

I was supposed to get a brochure out on Friday on the French Defense. Not yet, held over. Today I finished proofing The Critical Secret for Success and will send it to the printer tonight. Then, back to this Friday's Chess Reports. Then My Search for Chess Perfection and another book I am working on for David Rudel. Finish up and send off my Lasker the Ultimate Streetfighter to the printer too. I have never been this busy in my life (what life?).

The Special Gambit List I sent out last week is working. So a few items are gone. Maybe more this evening. I will send it out once again before the week is over. A few titles are gone and will stay gone. Do not wait until the sale is over to ask for them.

ChessBase 11 will be at my distributor's in 3 weeks. It has to come from Germany. I have several new books coming in too. Stay tuned to this channel and I will tell you what they are when they get here, but they look good. I have some new DVDs to tell you about too. The 3 from Simon Williams are simply AWESOME on the French and Dutch. I'll have the French reviewed for The Chess Reports (just picked up another subscriber to it and Chess EXTRAS.)

If you ever wonder why I do all of these publications it's simple: it's how I make my living because selling chess books doesn't help that much and there are lots of good books out there. I see a new one from Gambit by a guy named Kosikov which looks great--on Strategy. I find that is a very strained part of chess--what to do and HOW to do it? Will have copies for sale in a few weeks.

That's enough for now. Maybe I've sent you something recently that you can't live without.



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