Friday, September 3, 2010


We've got our 30th registrant, and first international one, Ken MacDonald from up North. Welcome Ken. Ken and I go back to the early 70s when he was the "man in charge of CCCA", and I sold chess books to Canadians! (Wow Ken, that was a long time ago.)
Ken has been to several Chess Festivals and he just offered an unsolicited testimonial for Andrew Martin: "I don't play/study chess any longer, but Martin was great at the Festival and I'll bet be he will be good there also."
It's true, he will be. I've neglected to mention that Andrew has a keen sense of humor and he is extremely quick-witted. And he's easy to hear. Now about that accent....! I don't have any trouble understanding him, you won't either. Adjust your brain.

It's Friday, and already I am having a GOOD day. I expect #31 later in the day!

It will be nice seeing you again Ken. Last time was in Savannah, GA in 2008 at that Pirate's Cove restaurant.

The 31st is Bob Ratcliff, a friend of mine from the Illowa Chess Club many years ago. Bob's wife Terry was in the choir with me and one day the subject of chess came up, the next thing I knew I was telling him about this event. He said he'd come. No arm twisting whatsoever (I like that!). He lives in Davenport so I pick up another "local." You're gonna have a great time Bob.

I read recently how Purdy "jump started" subscriptions to his Australasian Chess Review. He belonged to a club which he helped quickly grow to 300 members!! While he did pick upadditional subscribers from Australia (and New Zealand) guess where a huge number came from? The United States!! It's that damnable "out of town effect" again! If you are from out of town you get more respect. In that same vein Fr. Edward Catich was one of the world's premier calligrapher's and stone cutter's. Yet he resided in Davenport because he knew he wouldn't be "bothered." He was also one of the top correspondence chess players in the US. If you want to be ignored, move to Davenport, Iowa, I guarantee you won't be pursued or bothered unless you die!

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