Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This is initiative for you. Martin Stafford and I have been in touch for several years. Martin lives in New Zealand, a place CJS Purdy was very familiar with (and he won a championship there too). He knew he would be in the US in October on business. So he re-arranged his flight schedule from Florida and is stopping by to see us which includes his "hero" Andrew Martin. Andrew and I are happy to have him!! Thanks for making the effort Martin. All the way from a 5% chance to 100%!! I love challenges like these and making them happen. That leaves 16 seats left. Hop in, show me your stuff.

In 1972 I had made the determination to go to Iceland to see the World Chess Championship match between Fischer and Spassky. Naturally I was glued to the news as to whether Fischer would show up. I left on a 10 or 11 o'clock flight (at night) on Loftleider airlines, the last flight Fischer could take and be on time for the match. He wasn't on it. Was this going to be a $1300 fiasco for this budding chess writer? Well, Fischer finally did show. I was there to see him lose the first game, not show up for the second and by that time I had to leave. I did get to see and meet a lot of famous chess personalities there. I'll tell you about it sometime.

$139 to register for the "2-day" chess clinic, starting Friday evening and running all day Saturday.
$125 if you are the holder of a Gold Card.

Keep trying to get your friends to come. I know some people, right now, who don't want people THEY know to miss this. The reason I got some of you to come is through a repeated application of asking you to come. It will work for some of you also! Don't give up. If they turn you down, don't take it as rejection, take it that you are in a better to position to enjoy what YOU like... and that we will be happy to meet you!

Payment by PayPal is OK. Thanks Martin, look forward to meeting you.

P.S.: Want to see a "big-time" English cricketer? I have current pictures of IM Andrew Martin in his uniform which will be posted in this coming issue of The Chess Reports. Single issue sale, $7.50 via PayPal, or subscribe for $59.95 for 13 issues. He's a swimmer too. I don't have picture of that, this time.


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