Monday, September 13, 2010


What an insanely busy day here. I will be back tomorrow. Am trying to find the wholesaler for various new Simon Williams' products. Have found the one in England but she points to 4 distribs. in the USA but they are all resellers, not wholesalers. So I am trying to work that out.

It's amazing how many people are in the software business or games, etc. who are Russian and they don't understand (some times) what we refer to as colloquialisms. But, I am sure we'll get it straightened out. I knew Americans who always confused a statement (of an account) with an invoice (of items) purchased. So it's not just internationals.

September 16th this coming up this Thursday for the deadline for getting your registration in for the Last Chess Clinic to be eligible for prizes. I am extending that to Saturday, Sept. 18th as that is more convenient. I was probably thinking (?) about something else when I chose that day. So, Sept. 18th it is.

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