Wednesday, September 8, 2010


you don't hear much from them anymore.

The Chess Reports will be at issue #113 a week from this Friday. I used to get all kinds of email (positive email), but nothing much anymore. Does that mean people are satisfied or too busy? Probably some of both.

The Chess Reports takes me about a week to put together. I listen to and watch a lot of DVDs, scour books, and look through things on my own bookshelves. Then with an idea in mind I go to ChessBase and dig up something tasty for those who DO love games and annotations, and yes, you guys exist.

Occasionally another thought rockets through my ears and I have to say something about it. Sales of merchandise through the publication could be better, but often it is a NOTICE to readers that such and such exists. At least I am trying to take it that way!

Yesterday there was a lot of Facebook back and forth posting between me and someone who wants to do a chess newsletter type of thing, but he felt someone else had the "market" cornered (not me, but I am not going to mention the name). I told him, "X is just wind, don't worry." If you have something worthwhile to say, do it, and find out that "talking" on Facebook is not enough. This fellow spends, by his own admission, almost all day online. I couldn't do that, life is too interesting... and the people he is writing to all day, who needs them either? This isn't even a social club because in social clubs people DO stuff. Writing is an "intellectual" pursuit in many ways and it can teach (instruct), it can make a difference, or it can be a way of not doing anything while looking like you are! Famous authors STILL write. Actors still act.

For you who read this and it appears there are quite a few of you, come out of hiding. Subscribe to The Chess Reports. Drop an email. Make a comment. It's $59.95. Guaranteed your satisfaction or your dough back.

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