Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Ed Reedy, who came to our Clinic last year is back again. The Illinoisans may have passed those from Iowa. I'd like to see that change! Ed, besides being a martial arts guy, works at Rock Island Arsenal and he said he had a great time last year and we were glad to have him at the dinner that evening.

He stopped by and saw all the activity here and said "he couldn't believe how much I get done." It's called "no life Ed." I hope that changes, this year!

There's a possibility #30 will sign up by the end of this week if someone else doesn't beat him to it. Several have already paid for the "Secrets" book in advance now so that means I HAVE to get it finished and I have been working on it. This little 100+ page project is almost 150! And it will get bigger. It will be the size dimensions of my other book, The Chess Assassin's Business Manual (7x10). The Secrets book already has a title change but I will tell you what it is later. It is the same book, same idea, but I want to broaden the title to increase sales for those who are interested in things besides chess, even though I use it as a metaphor in this book.

The Chess Clinic appears to be heating up. Get those Hotel Reservations in folks... nto joking about that.

Glad you're coming Ed. Have also been talking to someone, not connected with chess, to help me at the sales table this year. We'll see how her schedule stacks up.

We'll explain more in this weeks The Chess Reports. About 7 different and updated titles from Foxy Openings. Remember them?

The artwork for Lasker, Blackburne, and the new edition of My Search for Chess Perfection has been done. You guys are in for a real treat! Finishing up the books will keep me busy. I'll also have Andrew Tochers new book in a couple days: In Your Face Chess Novelties.


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