Monday, August 2, 2010


(Pictured is Issue #1, Vol. 1, of Purdy's The Australasian Chess Review, 4 years before the US' Chess review.)

I have had a part-time job with the ECF, English Chess Federation, for 42 issues, or 3.5 years. The plug has been pulled. It was more like a small stipend really, but it came in handy because it came every month and allowed me to take no salary from G&L Chess while rebuilding my business. If I thought I was working hard in the past, I will be "working harder" in the future to make up for the loss (I need a day to recover from the "pit" I feel I am in).

1) I just opened two heavy packages last night from Australia which contain copies, bound and unbound, of CJS Purdy's Australasian Chess Review, Check, and Chess World. Before I sell them, I am going to glean unpublished material from them and publish it (for a fee naturally). Many are in like new condition, especially some of the bound volumes. It is MY JOB to safeguard the contents as a sort of caretaker for the Purdy Estate. So you will see some of that, including Purdy's thoughts on Opening and Endgame Theory. Just sending these two boxes to me cost the Purdys almost $100 Aus. so you know it is a bundle of goodies. I have sold 2-3 Purdy collections in the past... if you show some interesting interest (haha) I might part with the later issues (bound and unbound) for those who would "love" to own this genius' stuff.

2) I will be sending out more bulk e-mails. Sorry about that. Someone has to pay the piper, but I hope to keep them interesting as I have in the past.

3 I will be divesting (cutting open) two large boxes of TPi DVDs and books in the coming week. These were to go to New in Chess in Holland. However, my terms, and they knew them well, are to be paid in advance for any orders outside the USA. So far they have refused to answer my e-mail requests for payment (interesting, if you BUY directly from them, they ask for payment in advance!). Thus, I will be cutting open these two huge boxes, and giving you not wholesale pricing, but pricing that is really close to that to clear the space, inventory, and my mind. I'm seriously disgusted.

4) Today I have that giant time-waster, figuring out sales taxes for the past quarter. That costs about 2 hours and is a huge hole in the day... basically for peanuts.

The bottom line is, watching the bottom line. I seek your business now more than ever and ask you what I can do, as I have in the past, to garner your attention and orders. Unfortunately, I can't be responsible for merchandise that is shipped to me by slow boat from China (!) Theoretically I have more copies coming this week of Soltis' new book, some NIC Yearbooks, and a few other things including some new ChessBase dvds.

Lastly, (drum roll).....BRRRRRR... BRRRR

I am going to be putting up my new web site this month! I have been reading the particulars for the last few months and wow, what a HUGE time consumer--even though I will be working with templates! Descriptions of everything, photos, and pricing (I don't yet know how they will handle special pricing). This is for browsers who buy now and then and who want to use a secure online credit card taking service (and PayPal probably too). It will be a reference to point to for others. I still will issue my special pieces such as Chess Confidential, One Sheets, etc. The catalog (the ALL encompassing catalog) is probably going the way of the dodo as it virtually gathers dust, no sales... almost "everyone" is holding out for price drops beyond the already smothered prices that are posted.

I've been told this web hosting service will be able to dispense "information chess products." Hope so as I have some dandies waiting in the wings.

In the meantime, David Rudel is working on a new Colle edition (a completely different book), so that will keep me busy. And Andrew Tocher's book, In Your Face Chess Novelties is about to make its appearance. So I won't be lacking for things to do! Hope to hear from you and while I am at it, hope you sign up for the Last Chess Clinic (#6) (Oct. 22-23, Davenport, IA). Call the Clarion Hotel for room reservations: 563-391-1230.

Thanks, Bob.... summer IS over!

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