Monday, August 16, 2010


August 16th is the deadline for registrations to the Chess Clinic to make YOU eligible for winning a set of DVDs from Andrew Martin worth almost $100. The DVDs are the series White Shockers and Black Shockers and comprise 10 hours worth of annotated video. So far I think only 5 people registered in this shortened time frame of about 3 weeks, so unless we get some more today, you who did register during that time have a 20% chance of winning!

Chess EXTRAS #4 was shipped out via email after midnight last night. 40 pages packed with lots of visuals, stories, and articles all about the more unusual angles of chess, the part that got many of us more than a little interested in chess AFTER we learned how to play (and in a few cases, before we learned how to play). A nice rundown of world champions and how often they played in world class events. You might be interested in knowing that Karpov had the most, 10 times, but who was second most in a much shorter time frame (it wasn't Kasparov)? Subscription rates: $65 for six issues. $50 if you hold a Gold Card. First 4 are available. Also reviews of two new DVDs: Smith Morra by Lawrence Trent and 1.d4 White Opening Repertoire by Lubomir Ftacnik. Both retail for $36 but my price is less if you are interested.

Also there is a nice article of Gulko being interviewed in the latest issue of Chess Life.

More news either later tonight or later in the week. I am taking a couple days off and will not be using the internet. I will respond to you when I get back.

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