Saturday, August 7, 2010


or for that matter, anyone.

I know of at least one person who is waiting for August 17th to register for the Chess Clinic, to go after the FREE subscription to The Chess Reports in a drawing. So I know we will at least make it to the 50% mark!

That's cagey but perhaps not too enterprising at the same time. If signups drop dead after August 16th, then he has a 100% chance of winning. If, say 5 signup, then his chances are 20% of winning. Then there is the "last minute rush" bunch who are worried something "better" may come along, also at the last minute. This is nothing more than indecision and probably also plays a part in not reaching your full potential. Same for the, "Well, I don't know, but..." gang. Never quite sure of anything. I am sure of ONE thing, more people from out of town are coming than are coming locally! I still say that comes from the inane, "Well he's one of us, we know him, maybe even played him before, what's the big deal?" Well, basically I am not one of them and never have been because most of them never shop at my place nor ask questions about it even if I bring it up. Secondly, the STAR of the event is Andrew Martin, not me. Thirdly, don't learn anything new, it might take your game in a different direction than it has been going for the past 20 years! How's that working for you?

The last 25 won't be easy because you have to come up with reasons to come that I haven't thought of yet. And if I have, there's been no budge. What I always do is work well with those who show. They are worth it. I am still hoping and counting on 50, that's the only way to play--go for it!

Maybe you will too!

Clarion Hotel, Oct. 22-23, 5202 N. Brady St. Call 563-391-1230 about reserving rooms.
$125 for Gold Card carriers (2010 only) or $139 for the rest of you. Scholastics get in for $99 or $89 each if two or more come.

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