Saturday, August 14, 2010


The latest issue, another 40 pages (my attempt, as always, to assuage those who are patient with me even when I only promised 36 pages in the first place).

I think it is the BEST of the 4 issues. There is some great Harry Pillsbury vs Lasker stuff with comments by James Mason and the revelation of his REAL NAME. There is more on chess font design. In fact there is quite a bit about design in this issue from chess sets, to dealing with players who are boring to look at and boring to be involved with (a grandmaster no less!).

There is the usual "chess in the news" and an article on Ken Prestley who has done a number of covers for me and who now hails from Austin, TX, one of the art centers in the USA.

Two new DVDs are being reviewed, the Smith-Morra Gambit by that whacky but lovable guy Lawrence Trent, and the broad repertoire of dealing with 1.d4 by GM Lubomir Ftacnik.

All this and more. $65 for all four issues. If you have a GOLD CARD for 2010, you can get them (including back issues) for $50.00.

I loved working on this one. Once I got going, I couldn't stop until it was done. Will be finishing up the proofing today and have it ready to go on Monday.


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