Thursday, August 26, 2010


My long time friend Andy Ansel is coming to the Last Chess Clinic Oct. 22-23. I also think he could use the vacation! (Me too!) Andy's into everything chess whether teaching, playing, and definitely, collecting. He will talk about David DeLucia's book (Retail $300!), the photographs, the contents, Morphy, Fischer, Capablanca, etc. on FRIDAY night (Oct 22). Another reason to come, plus, if you order AFTER the Chess Clinic is over, you can save BIG bucks on this book--a collector's treasure trove (yes, I have one, and I don't collect anymore!) It's a beaut.

Welcome Andy and thanks to another New Yorker.

Someone (not a chessplayer per se) told me the reason I have so many out of staters is that no one locally has any money! That's a pure crock. When the economy was humming along just fine, they still didn't come to my events SO.... I am going to contact people who MIGHT be interested in chess (people talk about it a lot), learning more, having fun. Those who just play in club night events, well... I can't do anything about them... maybe they're afraid of you! Thanks to the rest of you however!

There are thousands of people at the John Deere Classic golf tournament, there are thousands of people playing slots and black jack at the 3 casinos here. 40% of Davenport's work force lives across the river in Rock Island, Moline, and East Moline. Those who talk like this do not market, do not look, they just HOPE things will return to the way they were once upon a time. We are entering a NEW economy, the old one is history. History.


I have the proof in front of me, Andrew Tocher's new book: In Your Face Chess Novelties. It looks great, I will be ordering my copies tonight. The retail is $15.95 and it runs 115 pages. Send that amount plus $2.50 for shipping and I will send out your copy as soon as I get them!

Also, there will be a one day sale tomorrow, from Friday to Saturday. Can't tell you yet what it is, because I don't have the details worked out except in my head. But, it WILL be worth your while... guaranteed!

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  1. Who is Andrew Tocher? Can you give a quick review of the book?