Friday, August 6, 2010


I have three folks who tell me they are planning to come and may see me today, or maybe tomorrow, or, possibly send a check in the next few days. Ah, the lonely life of an entrepreneur.

So I stalled today hoping for Success, but it will most likely come later this afternoon in the mail, or at the door, AFTER I am finished here today.

The Last Chess Clinic T-shirts will probably be $22 according to current calculations and who will do them for me. But this way I can get exactly what I need, and no more. Which is unfortunate for "t-shirt collectors." But, my loyalty has to be with those who sign up. As someone once said, I never kid about making money.

Remember the old Farside cartoon with the professor at the chalkboard and equations all over the place. The professor, of course, looked like Albert Einstein. At the end he had the equation, "T = $" or time equals money. And wasted time means lost opportunities. So if you want to come to the clinic and have MORE than just a good time (although we all can certainly use that!), it will be there, in spades, or perhaps pawns.

I have a new promo piece coming out today--maybe this evening. So watch for it. I'll be back tomorrow but in the meantime, enjoy the heat.

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