Friday, August 20, 2010


Am looking for someone who has a familiarity with doing a little video on Friday night at the Last Chess Clinic. I will be doing a small presentation on "Chess Secrets" that evening and later I want to burn it to a CD or DVD. I will have the camera, stand (tripod), etc. and I need someone to "aim" the camera to get some video. If you have any experience in this, let me know. I'll give you a FREE t-shirt if you can help out. I contacted an old friend and discovered he died a month ago. A shame, great guy, extremely talented, hence the call for help. I contacted another person I knew and got NO response. This is why so many business are run so piss-poorly.

Today there is a lot going on! So I better get at it.

I do believe I have a chess website name, which has been the major thing holding me up. I've already checked and I don't see that anyone has already used it. But it did give me a chance to look to see what others have done (Truly, I'm amazed how many bad names there are out there. Names which offer NO proof for the put-forward assertions.)

The book Lasker the Ultimate Streetfighter will probably have a price adjustment and the darn thing hasn't even been released! I looked at it briefly and it is so good (you'll see), and I did put some extras in it. But there still is a way of getting it free... details coming.

Anyway, later...

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