Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My biggest push, for the LAST CHESS CLINIC (#6), goes out tonight. I have a lot of material about a lot of projects I am working on and some of them will be FREE to those who sign up by September 16th.

I also have some "continuity projects" which will be explained to Chess Clinic attendees. At this moment the brochure includes a one pager Lasker The Ultimate Streetfighter. For those who buy stuff from me, this brochure is automatically included. Then I ask you to complete FIVE simple steps, which only costs you an envelope, one first class stamp, and 30 seconds of your time. Mail this sheet back to me and in turn I will mail an interesting report on HOW you can get FREE Thinkers' Press, inc. books from me! Yes, I have lost my mind, but it's mine to lose.

So hang loose. Get your reading glasses out of you need them. After you have read the brochure, some of you MIGHT want to register. If not, you are probably dead (and I would have to remove your name from this email list), in prison, on the lam, or you really aren't all that interested in chess and my email was a delusion on my part.

In the meantime, it'll give you something to do besides watching the News (aaargh!)

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