Monday, August 30, 2010


Over the weekend I heard from a customer who lives in New Zealand. He needed some questions answered about what kind of airport is here in the area where I live (MLI=Moline International) because he will be on a business trip to Orlando, FL just a few days before the Chess Clinic takes place. At one time he viewed this (before the business trip) as a 0% chance even though he wanted to meet Andrew Martin. Now he rates it as 5%. I mentioned a 95% chance as being really more fun. So we'll see.

I have a customer in Germany who also asked similar questions. Moline International handles quite a bit of aircraft every day. One of the popular airlines between Moline and Orlando, Florida is AirTrans as they have a hub here (I think American and United do also). The hotel, the Clarion, does have pickup and delivery service to the airport. It's about 10 miles from the Clarion.

A feather in our bonnet would be anyone who shows up from WAAAAY out of town!

Speaking of out of town, "Mia" is coming to the Last Chess Clinic. She's from Chicago, and I am guessing that her Dad (William Shehan) is bringing her! Good show Dad! She gets in at the Special Student rate ($99). If you have a similar situation, let me know. Thanks for coming Mia. When you folks get here, make Mia feel welcomed. She's doing more, through her Dad, than most people would. A few years ago James Hodina brought his son and that seemed to be a positive experience. Hope he comes again. Barbie Fortune is coming with her husband Jon also. This is the first time we have had females attend (wow, I've been all for that for years!). So I will have to rewrite future copy for any other events that are created to include the fairer sex.

Speaking of people making an effort, I am reminded of a funny story I just read the other day. It seems that a fellow came to one of Dan Kennedy's seminars on better marketing, how to put yourself in Scrooge McDuck's shoes, and so on. After the event was over (several days long) he was really, really pumped. Ramped up. He came up to Dan afterwards and said, "I am really jazzed about this. I think I can do it, I want to do it, I am ready to do it but I can't work on the business on Tuesday night." Dan probably knew he shouldn't ask "why?", but he did. The guy replied, "Tuesday is my bowling night!"

That may make you laugh but it does show the short-sightedness of many. If this guy had taken the tools to make his business grow, and generate lots of new income through a better marketing system, he could BUY a bowling alley. Bowl ANY time he wanted to! Bowl at 3 a.m. in the morning. I used to tell my friends in the scientific community to accomplish anything, you GOTTA WANNA. After that, you GOTTA DOA.

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