Thursday, August 12, 2010


Yes, if you are an attendee at the upcoming Chess Clinic (Oct. 22-23). You can send me $39.95 and I will bring a shrink-wrapped copy with your name on it and you can pick it up there Friday Night. Greg Delaney was the first to ask this.

In fact, I published a one page listing of things I know for SURE will be brought to the Chess Clinic in Davenport, IA. It was in that 10-page brochure I sent out yesterday. I will, of course, have other things but those are done deals.

In fact, Lazaro Munoz, who is coming from New York City, will be there and he wrote me a nice missive today on great chess books and their similarities. The unusual thing is many of these items were on MY list of MUST have books I'm bringing! So it comes from him folks, not me, and with his permission, I will be circulating that letter soon. He wants to MAKE sure he is ready for Andrew's interactive lectures. What an idea! Laz is not passive by any means.

In the meantime, I am putting out a NEW TITLES and SALVAGE SALE list, probably tomorrow, the one I hoped to get out last Friday. The delay was caused by adding two more pages. Hopefully the Headline will be an eye-catcher.

Sign up for the Clinic, soon as I get 50, I will quit bothering you!

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