Saturday, July 31, 2010


From the middle of Illinois comes Ira Shoenwald, a teacher and chess lover. He is the 22nd person to register for the Last Chess Clinic #6. Ira is also taking a room at the Clarion Hotel. If you haven't done so already, I really think you should This event is only 3 months away, and you know what Last Minute stuff can be like. Clarion: 563-391-0123, Oct. 22-23.

The name "Last" was fortuitous and it hit me hard today as to why. I have great respect for Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy as I am a member of their "Insider's Circle." Every year they hold two monster events and people pay thousands to come. They may have 800 or more people attending each one. What if they had an "Info Summit" or Super Conference, and it was billed as their Last One? I realized I would take out a loan to go. Sure, I know they are good, and I know that the cost has kept me from being able to attend, but I also know that when it comes to Information Marketing they are the best in the business. Then $3000 doesn't seem like much when they have made many of their members millionaires. The Chess Clinic is somewhat analogous. Costs a whole lot less, but still, properly introduced to you, can turn you into a much better chess player (if you wish). You will like the game more than ever. There is that GLOW Effect.

The Chess Secret book is nearly 100 pages already and I haven't added the "program" to it yet! Lots of good ideas in it, but there is ONE that pervades all the others and I see few people doing it... that's what this book has as its core message. I recommend it, but then again, why wouldn't I?

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