Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Hailing from Chicago, Bill Shehan is the latest to sign up! He belongs to the Midway Chess Club (can we get more from there Bill?). I have used Midway to go to Las Vegas (to play chess and meet with an author). He told me he is bringing his family. Great! Bill's been working on a chess book of problems from the Old Indian Days!

Next is my dear friend from Dubuque, IA, Earl Zismer. Earl has been to quite a few of events in the past, always offering sound advice and a willingness to participate in our Jungle Fever. Thanks for the sign up Earl... look forward to having you. The beat goes on! I'll be passing out more worthwhile information over the next couple weeks.

This is the most, and hardest, promoting for an event I have ever done! It's paying off. When I ran the Chess Festivals I sent out a lot of Direct Mail and I got good people. Direct Mail reduced the cost effectiveness of getting people here because I would spend about $7-800. I love direct mail though because often you get the quality consumer. Now I target THOSE people also with email and it works MAINLY because they already know me from Direct Mailings.

Bob Rasmussen and Gary Barker are making some great donations to GIVE AWAY at the event, and I will report more on that soon. Since I pay zero attention to eBay (don't have the time, I must cut some things off) I don't know what they are worth, but having them is very worth while. I pay little attention to Amazon too for a lot of other reasons that others CLAIM they do not have nor have ever had--which, I must admit, boggles my mind but I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

In the meantime, you will be seeing some other changes here within the next 3 months. Most everything good comes down to time. Most everything bad comes down to a waste of time. But, speaking of TIME, you will have a great one BY coming to the Chess Clinic, my last one.

I've seen other "acts" claim to be their last tour, last act, etc. (and then they do it again) but I am moving on. Yes, the results have been good this time, if my "heart" holds out. Others have suggested a reprieve. What I will do is show you something new and even MORE fascinating for 2011. I've broached the idea to a few people AND they love it! Of course it is based on experience at doing this, the ups and the downs, but believe it or not, I do listen to suggestions. I got a good one from Dr. Julian Wan and his is the basis for new attempts. I will try to lock in the date a year in advance and tell you what it is at this Last Chess Clinic. So be there, be hip, and come!

October 22-23, 2010, Clarion Hotel. 5202 N. Brady. $74 per night. Get a room now: call 563-391-1230.


P.S.: Working on an outstanding savings deal unrelated to the Clinic. Hope to be able to email it out in a few days. If you want to be on my email list for BUYING stuff, rather than reading over your breakfast coffee, drop me a line. A lot more people read this blog than you might think, but they "don't sign in." I only read blogs by accident off of Google News, but I do recommend Mike Goeller.

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  1. Hi Bob,

    You can also add that you are giving away one free title (of their choosing) in Smart Chess to every participant to your last clinic.