Thursday, August 5, 2010


You know I must've been busy yesterday as I forgot to do this blog. Income is first. Last Monday Andrew Martin and I lost our jobs in the production of The Right Move for the ECF (English Chess Federation). Making a "living" from chess isn't tough enough, but when you lose a monthly income it makes me work harder rather than looking for the food stamp lines. So if you or anyone you know are looking for a designer and a chess stalwart, let me know. We come reasonable for your newsletters as did it for 3.5 years!

Lasker knew what living from hand to mouth was like, more so than a couple of let go chess guys. When he was a teenager, he and his brother Berthold switched pants and would play customers downstars in the cafes and bars for money. I don't know how they handled going to school but this is the way they made it--in the street. Berthold was the older brother and Lasker gave him pre-eminence as being a better chess player than he, the future world champion!

Lasker was a scrapper, a tough fighter, and some of his methods for winning, legally, take brass balls, such as running into the open with his King (Steinitz didn't own the patent), allowing himself to be discover-checked, and so on.

I have almost finished a a small booklet of less than 50 games titled Lasker the Ultimate Streetfighter. It is mostly little known games from the 1890s. It will be given away FREE with orders of $40 or more (postage on such orders is extra). Contact: G&L CHESS, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803 USA... same email as below. It will be for sale eventually on sites such as for $9.95 and from the publisher (that would be me).

This will be first in a series of a whole gangland "tribe" such as Botvinnik "the Boss," Alekhine the "Enforcer" and so forth. The first in the series was prepared several weeks ago and is now being proofed. Excellent caricatures by Rob Long will be a part of the book. When life hands you lemonade, kick its ass I say.

Oh yes, for people who like such things, the book is lightly annotated and has diagrams and not like those cheap pieces of paper that used to come from South America.

Should be ready soon! Copies WILL be given away FREE (you guessed it), to those who sign up for the Last Chess Clinic! Can you tell, I want you there? Clarion Hotel, Oct. 22-23, 2010. Call 563-391-1230 and reserve your room and, send me a check for $125 if you are a Gold Card holder or $139 if you are not.

Thanks, we now return you to our regular programming.

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