Tuesday, August 10, 2010


1. Am shipping large boxes of good stuff to Europe tomorrow.

2. Lasker The Ultimate Streetfighter marketing is underway. The manuscript is finished, next step, to the printer. Marketing sheets will go in with all orders from August 10th onward.

3. Soltis' backordered book arrived today (Studying Chess Made Easy). Now I can fill back orders tonight.

4, Another brochure is nearly completely for Chess Clinic #6 signup.

5. Got specs today for the black Last Chess Clinic #6 t-shirts. Hope you get your orders in to me soon, that way it'll make sure you get one. And you have to go to the clinic to pick it up there. That way, eh, no shipping costs. I've used this company before and they use HIGH quality materials. No crap thin cloth. Expanded sizes: L, XL, XXL, XXXL

6. Sales Brochure showing the Ultimate Clueless Guy is underway, about half done.

7. Have about (5) promises to come to the Chess Clinic. Why do I have anxiety about this? Is it because these promises were made some time ago? Don't forget, the August 16th deadline to be eligible for a set of White and Black Shocker DVDs isn't far away.

8. Big Question for 2011. I've been getting some good vibes on this one but want to ask opinions of THOSE with kids who might be interested: Who might be interested in having a "Kid's Chess Clinic" in a Big City such as Chicago next year? We're looking at trophies (only for great results, this junk of giving EVERY kid a trophy for any old damn thing is a hoax. There is hardly even ONE kid who knows whether or not he/she deserves (!) one. I call THIS the "dumbing of American kids" who expect to be patted on the back for showing up! Kids first job??? Have a good time at a Kid's Event. Second job. Play chess. Damn, get priorities straight! They do stuff like this in England, Andrew Martin just finished one. The site was paid for. Over 70 kids. My price would probably be $75 per child. Let me know if you are interested in spreading the news on something like this.

Over the years I have been involved in children and high schooler events, usually one day! One Longgggg Daaaay. But I have done two day events too. A portion of the entry fee goes to trainers and the organizer after the event so they can get PTSD help (this is a joke).

More stuff in the wind but the biggie is to get you to come to the clinic. This is for the fellow who Laz Munoz tapped on the shoulder in NYC...okay? Coming? Great! I want to announce your name.


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