Monday, August 16, 2010


Be back Thursday night.
In the meantime, send me emails, orders, and feedback.

One day of R&R, 2 days on the road.

Thanks to Russ Miller for telling his friends about the Chess Clinic. This is the FASTEST way to find out HOW MUCH clout you have with your friends. I have 25 people coming so far, hence, a little bit of clout. If you can get ONE other person to come, I think you have GREAT clout!!

Or you could contact some friends and get permission from them for me to email something to them. If they come you not only earn brownie points with me, but I will have something worth at least $25 for YOU!

I am not wifi-ing while on the road, no laptop, no desktop, none of that stuff. Gonna let my brain veg for 24 hours.

See ya soon... write.

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