Saturday, August 21, 2010


Mark has registered for the Last Chess Clinic, making him #26 according to his post to me yesterday. Mark is from Davenport, Iowa and he has been to almost all the Chess Clinics. Mark is a firm believer in the value of chess books (and sci-fi and other books) as opposed to video and he has the scalps of chess players to prove it.

Am working on a new Chess Clinic promotion. Yes folks, this is work. If I paid myself for doing these promotions, it would be better financially than actually doing the Chess Clinic itself! However, I am building a foundation for the future where the announcement of an event will result in 60% of next year's attendees is automatic! (This is not as crazy as you might think.)
Thinking of putting out your own chess magazine? Consider subscribing to The Chess Reports, semester 9, where I will give you some tips. For an upcoming (next?) issue... yep, next issue. $59.95 for 13 issues. The article (#1) is already written.

Am getting in touch with a celebrity spokesman for the new chess business I am putting together. No announcements until it is a done deal.

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