Thursday, August 19, 2010


Back again but with some new ideas. Rest and some research can do that. You'll see or hear about them soon.

Getting ready for the Big Rush of sign ups for the clinic. It may happen. Instead of one FREE subscription to The Chess Reports I will be offering two and a FREE subscription to Chess EXTRAS (issue #4 was just released). These are $59.95 and $65 values respectively. This is for those who register between now and September 16th. You will be eligible to have your name drawn. For this past deadline I only had 5 people to consider for one prize. This weekend I will have someone draw a name and then I will notify them they have won a set of DVDs worth $100.

A NEWSLETTER from TPi will be coming and it will be FREE to everyone but if I don't hear from you your email address will be dropped like the proverbial lead balloon, I mean for Pete's sake it's FREE! If you write a letter or make a comment I will keep you on, but if I get those autoresponders about you being on your third vacation this year, you are toast. Go play golf and see if I care! The newsletter will be nice and have some info, but it won't be anything like The Chess Reports, or at least, very little.

Stay alert and keep those cards and letters coming in folks!

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