Thursday, July 29, 2010


An optometrist from Peoria, IL, Ron Suarez, won the $185 gift pass for whatever 2011 event I hold next year.
I was at artist Bill Hannan's home yesterday to pick up the artwork for Merlin the Magician and asked him to dip his fingers into an envelope stuffed with 21 paid registrations for Chess Clinic #6 and he drew out Ron Suarez' name slip. Congratulations Ron.


Normal Retail will be $99.95. It is packed to the gills with the RIGHT stuff and it will be offered, introductorily, for $39.95. Almost a dozen have signed up and the book has yet to go to the printer! I call it PRIVATE STOCK and will be offered ONLY to the following groups at a varied price. Clinic goers have first crack:

a) Chess Clinic attendees. $39.95;

b) If you attended a previous Clinic (not a Chess Festival) it’s $49.95. You will have 2 weeks to purchase and claim your copy at the $49.95 price.

c) Gold Card 2010 holders not at the Clinic. $59.95 good to the End of 2010.

d) Subscribers to The Chess Reports. $64.95. Two weeks to claim yours after the Clinic at this price.

e) Others. $79.95. Price good until the end of the year. Limited TIME offer.

All copies will be shrink-wrapped and get the usual Satisfaction Guarantee on Money Back within one year.


to get you to come to the Chess Clinic, my Last One (#6). In it, on page 7, a did a line by line comparison of the 16 reasons people go to Seminars and Boot Camps. We hit on 15 of them! Interestingly, I had 3-4 more that weren't on Dan Kennedy's LIST! I had not seen Kennedy's list until last night. Kennedy at one time was one of the top speakers in the marketing and information world, making millions of dollars. Maybe some of it will rub off and grow Davenport into a Chess Mecca. (I will have events like this in Chicago for the first person who writes me a good check for $3,000 to cover my basic expenses! I will return you money if we make the "nut." End of discussion.)


I've had two weeks off in the past 7 years so I am selling some of my stuff to take a week off. A list should be available either later tonight or go out tomorrow. Will go out first to those who have bought previously owned merchandise from me before. These items are from MY collection and include DVDs and books. If you wait around you will probably be disappointed. DVDs range from 35-50% OFF. Books are priced to move.

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