Monday, July 26, 2010


Naturally when my email is down it is frustrating because that's mostly how I conduct business. What happened? Someone took down a "broken" server and brought up a backup system but he neglected to make sure all customers were connected. This is about the 4th time this has happened (to me), about once a year. My webmaster, Kari, helped me get through this, God love her. But if you know me at all, this means changes for me in the future as this is not good for customers or for me.

In the really hi-tech industry of 99.9% uptime (such as 1&1) this means on average you can expect to have about 8.76 hours downtime per year. That might include "maintenance." So 48 hours is PRETTY BAD! I was out 48 hours--fortunately, Sunday is usually slow. But when I got up on Monday morning--same problem as the weekend--no service for email.

I know this stuff isn't "sexy" to most, but it is to me. It's lifeblood.

If you would be kind and willing and you wrote to me on Saturday or Sunday and you think it is important, would you please send again? Thanks.

"Something" about Lasker will be coming this year also. In the meantime, I will have several other announcements to make soon but while I could use the advance sales, I prefer to have the product at hand.

Tomorrow I'll be back to CHESS in some form or another.

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