Saturday, July 3, 2010


Sacrifice. Oh how many hate that word, even in chess! I knew a guy who was an excellent wargame strategist and a pretty decent player at chess, but he couldn't bring himself to "sacrifice" a piece for a potential win. So he would beat me at wargames and I would beat him at chess.

In the business world it's about doing things like giving up "personal time" for a business goal which, hopefully, will lead to more personal time in the future. Thus, last night I continued developing and working on some business projects when a plan to eat supper out and listen to an outdoors band did not materialize.

Remember one of the things I wrote yesterday about my "to do" list this weekend? I spent last night working on a "ChessBase" explanation paper for the Chess Clinic coming up in October, which is only 4 months away (or less). I got half of it written and have included "in color" screenshots. I don't intend to tackle the whole CB database project, but do intend to give people who own CB or would like to own CB (I do sell it!) some useful thoughts, along with some humor, to make more of what they have. This 10-20 page paper will be FREE to attendees only.

Hopefully you won't find it dry and boring. Readers James Breeden and Ron Nurmi are both excited about the project (and there are no doubt a few who never write me who might be interested too). Another reason to come to a fun-filled, but packed, set of demos, lectures, workshops (Andrew does a great job with these) and friendships on October 22-23 in Davenport, IA at the Clarion Hotel (563-391-1230). I've done my part.

In reading Michael Masterson's Read Fire Aim! last night I saw another example of success, at anything. There are doers, and there are armchair readers (I call them sports fans). I am not a sports fan of what one sees on TV--some of you might know that. I don't watch hours of YouTube of chess play either like some friends do (who never get better at chess). The important part to getting anywhere, including chess improvement, is to DO something. One of the purposes of this blog is to inform you about what I have been doing and hope you can take away something from it.

Oh yes, I sell chess stuff. I've gotten in, recently, Why we lose at chess by Colin Crouch. I have a review copy of Play the Najdorf Sicilian by James Rizzitano in which the subtitle is nice, A new guide to the King of Chess Openings. This must mean I will have to get this information out there and to the readers of The Chess Reports to do any good for you.

Take some action, come to the Last Chess Clinic. Ask me to put you down for a seat in the wagonwheel setup to hear and see Andrew Martin in action. It's only money and a far better deal than playing on ICC all day or all week. No hiding allowed behind a computer screen, come SEE and HEAR what we have planned for you.

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