Saturday, July 24, 2010


I just talked with Ron yesterday. He is from Illinois. We were discussing the upcoming event and in the middle of the conversation I asked, "Do you want to sign up for this?" He said, "Yes!" He knows another attendee, Sam Naylor. Apparently they were playing chess in Quincy (IL) in the past and also Keokuk (IA), my home town.

This is great. You friendly chess guys and gal (Barb Fortune) have tied with last year's total and there are 3 months to go! Who wants to be the one to break the tie? (I know there will be at least one--but will it be you?) Someone else may want to be the one who gets us past the 50% mark. Others just want to come and don't care about those things.

Got a note yesterday from Andrew Martin and he is pretty gratified at the way things are going. He and I are planning some other things while he is here and possibly for the event also... but you will have to keep reading here to see what they are.

By the way, I blog through "Blogger" and they seem to have some new bells and whistles for these Blogs, but I will only be able to check out what they have when there is time. Right now being creative and working for you is more important (seems that way anyhow).

Still working on The Chess Secrets book and haven't nailed down an exact title yet. Am also playing with some other ideas as there is no staff here to help produce. All from the horse's mouth and not from the other end, hopefully.

Congratulations Ron, and thanks for signing up. You'll wonder how you got along without coming. Oh yes, Ron purchased a Gold Card too, as the rest of you can from the emailing I sent out yesterday. Good through Sept. 16th, 2010. I know people who have saved hundreds of dollars using their card. Others like the convenience of knowing it is there and available should they see something they want and then--Pull the Trigger. Instant savings.

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