Friday, July 2, 2010


It's going to be another crazy weekend, like most of them.

1) Still getting orders for the Sale to end July 16th. Got in some back order stock today for those who wanted something on the SALE sheet but for which it was already gone. Only going to do this once more (i.e., restock ordered titles).

2) The guts of My Search for Chess Perfection is nearly finished. The indexing starts next week. Am looking for an August print and launch. The book will be $39.95, but for the month of July, I will take PAID pre-orders at $33.00, which includes shipping. As some have noted I no longer sell Purdy items on It will have one new chapter (which somehow I overlooked in the 2006-2007 editions) called "On Castle Walls." It's about protecting your castled King and having the "right" pawn formations in front of your King--which are best and which are worst and any exceptions. As Purdy wrote, he's surprised NO ONE had covered this topic. I'm surprised no one has since, or maybe my memory is out the window.

3) The "final" proof of In Your Face Chess Novelties by Andrew Tocher in PDF form has been sent to him for clarification and rechecking the openings' index. I found some intriguing stuff in the book, not weird, because sometimes it can transpose, but your opponent most likely (99% of the time) doesn't know that: how about 1.d4 d5 2.Qd3!? What next? Most likely you don't know and checking your computer isn't going to tell you much. Think about it friends, when you are at the board does the TD let you whip out your laptop?

4) More direct mail brochures for the surrounding states are being prepared today after 10 days of delays in getting ink toner replacement cartridges from CDW in Chicago; which is 160 miles or less from me. One excuse after another. Needless to say, I've already started ordering toner from another company and keeping a few extras on hand though it is far from a "cheap" solution. I read yesterday in a business management book that "rotten service" will pervade the next decade as big companies look for more reasons to cut costs. I don't think we have to wait, it is here now. I know it seems hard to imagine but when I had extra employees it was to take care of service issues because losing any good customer is painful and most of you out there know I bust my hiney to get stuff out the door and in good shape.

5) Stacks of Black and White Shockers DVDs are being prepped and packaged for Europe. Have you got yours?

6) As hard as it is to believe, I am going to a Barbecue out in the country in Illinois tomorrow. What is wrong with me? Am not interested in skeet shooting or riding ATVs, just eating and conversation. Then I should be back to take care of more of the items on this list.

7) Some "chess toys" have been ordered for the Chess Clinic this fall.

8) I am pretty sure I will prepare a paper (FREE!) for Chess Clinic attendees on how to use ChessBase10 in a worthwhile manner. This will ONLY be free to those who attend and who want one for only themselves. A DVD or PDF will be sold for all others. I am doing what it takes to get people here--right? Wouldn't you? But no more than 50 of these will be put together because I am only selling 50 seats for our Last Chess Clinic event. You can pay the entry fee and NOT show up and I will send you one, but probably that won't happen.

9) 50 pages have already been written about the Chess Secret I mentioned on the Chess Clinic brochures I have sent out. Now the hard stuff starts but I already know what it will be so that is a major help. Maybe I should get my old Apple laptop (MacBook) into condition again so I can write while I am out and about... did that for years.

10) Get some more orders out today.

It's always OK to send me orders over holiday weekends. I don't fill orders on Sundays, but I may read them and will fill the next day.

Advance registration for the Chess Clinic #6 is $125 if you have a Gold Card and $139 if you don't. Do I take credit cards--short answer, YES. The Clarion Hotel's number for the Chess Clinic and the Chess Clinic room rate is: 563-391-1230. Don't dilly dally.

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