Friday, July 9, 2010


On the Marquee
Johnny Owens from Radcliff, KY is joining us as a registered member of the LAST CHESS CLINIC group. Johnny has subscribed to The Chess Reports for years (thanks Johnny). He was one of the very first to claim a room at the Clarion Hotel (563-391-1230) and now he backs that up with a PayPal money transfer for the biggest chess event in the midwest this year. (I also take checks and credit cards).

Most Amazing Book This Year
Andy Soltis, we all know, is one of the top writers in chess. Consistently good; the only TRUE good thing to come out of Batsford Publishing in years. Unfortunately the covers and typesetting is about as unimaginative as anything you are likely to see. But the newest book itself? Pure Gold! I'll have more to say in my review in an upcoming The Chess Reports. The title is Studying Chess Made Easy. Of course the title should've been, Studying Chess Made Easier, but that's the marketing department for you. Reuben Fine had a book titled Chess Made Easy and it too was an excellent book but if you read through it, you knew you had plenty of work doing absorption of the contents. Just be honest with your buyers--is that too much to ask? Oh, I guess it is.

I will be featuring it, also, in my Secrets book to be published this fall because there is a lot of parallel thinking in it (Andy has been reading my mind). I have a half-dozen copies on hand for a book that was not scheduled to be released until August! At a retail of $22.95 this must be the bargain of the decade in terms of writing, tips, real explanations, and what really works. Also full of his usual anecdotes including many from Russian sources. G&L price is $19.50 and the Gold Card price is $17.25. Add $4 for shipping in the USA and it's yours.

Questions & Answers...
for the Chess Clinic. You guys provide the questions (anything about chess including a board position that might have you stumped, your game, from a book, a thought, etc. Forward them to me.) Remember the dates: Oct. 22-23 in Davenport, Iowa. If you are flying in, you will go to the Moline International Airport. Call the Clarion Hotel and have someone pick you up if you are staying there (I'd advise early registration).

Andrew Martin will answer most of the questions. I can answer business and "other" questions if you like. More coming to you every day. Only 106 DAYS AWAY.

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