Saturday, July 17, 2010


I am happy to report two additional names who will attend the Last Chess Clinic: Roger Kromphardt from Davenport, Iowa (!) and Bob Rasmussen from Denver, Colorado. I've known both of these gentlemen for years. Roger, the lucky dog, recently retired from Government Service.

Roger won't be staying at the Clarion for obvious reasons, but Bob has taken two more of their nights at the Clarion (register with them by calling 563-391-1230). Mr. Rasmussen has a particularly interesting note about coming. He has been a caretaker for his Dad for quite some time, a job that can be very grueling even if it is a relative, a close relative. But he is tying up the loose ends to make sure his Dad will be well taken care of, medications delivered, and such, and he is going to take a Chess Timeout for himself! I've been recommending such a stance for years because life can be hard, full of drudgery, and sometimes we all wonder, "What happened to me? Where is that kid who thought the world was his oyster?" The oyster is in Davenport, Iowa on the 22nd and 23rd of October at the Clarion Hotel. Friday evening and all day Saturday. Chess play, learning, fun, and solutions for less than $14/hour; that's really, really hard to beat.

I pay, naturally, for Mr. Andrew Martin's round trip to the states so he can be with you and I want to let you know that he has bought HIS ticket for the flight. He's getting to be an old hand with respect to the Q-C area and Chicago. I can still remember the first time I went to Chicago to meet him at the international airport and the wait while everyone went through customs' clearance. Now he comes directly to the Q-C Moline International Airport just like those of you who will fly here.

So look at this, an international flight, a drive from Denver, another drive from Oregon. There are very few real excuses for NOT doing something for Yourself. Last night, at 1 a.m. in the morning after going to see this terrible movie (Inception), I was in a booth at a restaurant I have often gone to and was reading John Maxwell's Talent Is Never Enough and once again I came across the subject of achievement, success, and liken his writings and thoughts to those of Success Seminars, and people looking to fatten their income and introduce MORE leisure into their life; even if they are a doctor, or a marriage counselor! The only problem is that in my opinion too much is written about sports and athletes and coaching. Let me tell you RIGHT NOW that I have met a very successful coach, a successful athletic coach who had and has all kinds of goals, successes and things like that and he is shallow and as phoney as a three dollar bill! Don't believe everything you read, work through it yourself, EVEN if it comes from me. Myself, I have no reason to lie to you, but this guy had reasons to lie to me. I spent a lot of time with him working on book publishing ideas and in the end, he was just another four-flusher who believes his money is more important than the ride. Here's "honesty" for you. I stood to work hard for $5-6,000 on a book for him which summed up his creeds, accomplishments, etc. But I had warned him from the very beginning, "Your book needs a lot of work (Yes, I read all of it). I suggest you have someone do a rewrite. Get your own person or let me find someone." After our second long meeting, he asked, "Do you really think I need a rewrite?" (which would probably cost him a couple thousand). Without batting an eye, I said, "Yes, I have no doubt."

For those few who will react that I was too hard on him, I neglected to tell you at the beginning he had been turned down (I even saw one of the letters) by 26 (I think it was) potential publishers, of all kinds!! The money meant more to him than a chance at really getting his story out there and probably get a better coaching job elsewhere. I wrote him again last year to ask if the project was still on. "Yes," he finally wrote back. But nothing was ever done. He was deflated, maybe more with himself than anyone else. He's "waiting" until the "right" time.

THE POINT: "Just do it!" Whatever IT is. Come to the Chess Clinic, my Last One. Forget all the reasons why you can't or won't. Open up your wallet and do something for yourself that will be with you for a long time. Seventeen (17) have already committed and from a lot of DIFFERENT states. If someone should come, internationally, wouldn't that be flabberghastingly great? Look at this as a Chess Vacation--a fun time that is even MORE enjoyable than winning or losing. Come with or by yourself. Significant others are FREE.

Depending upon his time and availability. Andrew has been known to take on Private Lessons, one person at a time. If you are interested let me know. Soon.

My stories, real anecdotes, don't need exaggeration. They are designed to illustrate a point and often, make a point. One thing the young guy doesn't have over me is stories. I've been in the chess business for 40 years and a lot of ink has flowed under the bridge. Can you make a commitment today? To yourself?

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