Thursday, July 15, 2010


Nice day isn't it? Thursday, cooler than Wednesday.

But all is exciting. Silver lining in the cloud thing you know.

Just got word of another future registrant for the Last Chess Clinic #6.

That will bring it to 18 "Most Likelies" with 16 confirmed. But on top of that, another is working out some domestic details and I think he will be coming, making every effort to come a long distance. THESE are the folks I want to meet and greet. I know some have other issues which may or may not prevent them from attending this last one, but the CAN DO ones excite me the most and they are ALWAYS the ones I want to help the most... it stands to reason doesn't it? Quid pro quo. Perish the thought but sometimes I wish I had a twin brother to help out!

That means that today I have been working hard on two things: future issues (plural) of The Chess Reports AND more on the Chess Secrets book, which is fun "work" but terribly time consuming. However, when one watches episodes of "Mission Impossible" you start believing one can do anything!

Now here's something I would like from you, any, or all of you. Today I was reading more of Masterson's Ready Fire Aim! One of the tenets Masterson espouses is getting ideas from employees. Some will have great ideas and others will have impractical ones (costs lots of time and money). I don't view my clients as "employees" but the principal is the same. In other words, WHAT ideas do YOU have in which I could convince more people to come? I still have other ideas in reserve but I can only do so much at once. And because of their prolific nature I make the mistake of not writing them all down, and so far have forgotten 2-3 good ones that cropped up in the last couple days. I keep thinking they will come back to me, but it seems, not without a lot of effort! What's wrong with using a notepad or recording device? Well, what can I say? I forget to remember that... so, let's get past that.

Today I am open to more and new ideas to get 50 paid people to the Last Chess Clinic. From those who are coming and from those who WOULD come IF only...


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  1. I would suggest distributing flyers at the 2 upcoming tournaments in Iowa City. You could include coupons for $xx off attendance that are good for one week or donate an additional $xx to the winner or as an upset prize.

  2. Good idea Hank, Will do so. First I need to contact the TDs or organizers. Do you know who they are?

  3. Steve Young ( ) and James Neal( You can also get more information about upcoming tmnts by checking out Bill Broich( is directing the Iowa Open on Labor Day weekend, also.