Monday, July 19, 2010


I haven't put out an advertorial in quite some time so I will be releasing one today. Yes, items will be sold, but all will be wrapped around stories and details as it makes everything, hopefully, more interesting. There's been some new things and what with the Chess Clinic I haven't had as much time to deal with them except in the pages of The Chess Reports (Semester 9, $59.95).

So I will keep this short but be sure to check your email. At the same time or tomorrow will be some additional information about The Chess Clinic. If 50 people just signed up I wouldn't have to burden you, but a few told me they like to see how I market this thing (sigh). I translate that as, "Okay Bob, what can you do to seduce me into coming?" Probably nothing if you have to be that convinced.

When I proposed this Last Chess Clinic thing it was partly to see how many of those who have told me, over and over, they were going to come, but never did... if they meant it. One person has signed up!

The only thing I am planning to mention, in the future, is the TPi Inner Circle. But the details are not yet in place and that Group has nothing to do with the Chess Clinic unless I announce what it is AT the Chess Clinic. More details later.

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