Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I do not post names of potential Chess Clinic attendees unless they have actually paid. I'm funny like that but as you might've figured out, I've been "stuck" a few times. Lots of lazybones talk tough, but it's the ones who deliver that matter to me.

In the meantime I am fine tuning a book, and The Chess Reports for this Friday has been completed.

Am sitting here thinking, "How do I get people to purchase stuff?" Some think that is easy, but it's not. Getting people on lists is first hardest thing to do, selling them something is next hardest. I hear from people who love to read what I send out, but that's it... After a while sometimes guilt takes hold and they ask to unsubscribe.

"The Chess Museum" isn't for everyone, and neither is the chess business. Who wants to deal with everyone? I have enough problems with people who order a couple boxes of stuff to be shipped overseas, and somehow, repeatedly don't answer emails or send the funds. The boxes are still sitting here waiting for the $$$ transfer. If I don't hear from them soon, I will tell you who they are. Famous for this kind of behavior. You might be shocked to find out who it is but they aren't in Germany, or UK. Then they have the gall to want me to purchase stuff from them!

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