Thursday, July 8, 2010


I just shipped out via email issue #109 of The Chess Reports. A day early as I have a number of other projects to finish and postponing sending TCR to get it out on time is dangerous simply because I get so involved at points that time is just a "mystery" to me.

Needless to say, I was thrilled that Gary Barker and James Breeden signed up for The Last Chess Clinic yesterday. I am trying to think of a design for a T-shirt for that event. If any of you out there are designers and you want to try your hand, I'll give you a FREE t-shirt, but that's all I can afford for now (being a designer is being in a tough business). It will be in L and XL only and I am sorry the "overweights" may have to lose a few pounds or stretch the XL. In the past I would also do S, M, and XXL and end up being overloaded with those (except for mediums and smalls--kid's sizes). The silk screeners are not bashful about how many they have to have to produce an order either.

Today is my least favorite time, paying bills so that I can get more product. I would rather go to the gym than do that NOT because I don't want to pay them it is because there is lots of red tape in doing so. Find the bills, enter the info into the accounting system, mark up the paperwork, print it out, create a new account IF it is a new vendor, reconciliation with statements, write the check, and mail. Then the state of Iowa will start bugging me about Sales Tax for this last quarter and that will be kind of meagre but it takes the SAME amount of time to take care of. So I better get off my soapbox and get going.

In the meantime, the drawing for a FREE Pass to whatever next year's event is looming (July 16th) so get your registration in. 35 seats left. There are many people who do not read this Blog, who I personally know, and they tell me they are coming, but of course have yet to register. They may be surprised if, a week before, or at the door I have to tell them "Sorry," with that look on my face that says, "How many times did I remind you?"

This one looks like the best one yet. So, you know the drill. $125 for Gold Card, $139 for early reg., $150 at the door. October 22-23, Clarion Hotel (563-391-1230).

In the meantime, getting ready to go to the gym. Wish I could work on paying my bills while I am on the machines!

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