Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I knew the book was good. I knew the author was good. And so I ordered more than usual. But I ran out of Soltis' Studying Chess Made Easy. I even have an order for it from Australia. This is what a reputation for writing very good books can do.

The book is a paltry $17.50 for Gold Card owners. I almost doubled my previous order today for this book and already 20% are already asked for.

As I wrote in TCR I think it was, it should have been titled Studying Chess Made Easier because "Easy" gives one the very wrong idea. Years ago Rueben Fine wrote Chess the Easy Way. A very good book by the way, but not easy. Maybe easier than some others, but it is the marketers that write that kind of nonsense. It gives people HOPE that there is an EASY way and all these other books are just hiding their secrets. We have enough conspiracy theorists as it is. If they are right only once in 1,000 tries they will tell you, "I told you so."

There are a pile of them on reorder, and the distribution house, Sterling in NY, keeps everyone on a tight leash. So it will take 2 weeks before more get here.

Do you want one too? Let me know I will put you on a list.


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