Friday, July 16, 2010


Yeah, I suppose this sounds like a ploy, but it isn't--to get people to register for the Chess Clinic.

I have a new physical mailing list of about 700 more names for chess stuff, most of whom are not on my regular mailing list. I had set the deadline of July 16th which I tucked into the physical mailer about registering for a chance at a Big Bonus product for early registration.

Just ran out of time, arms, and printer toner until I could see I would need another week (actually two weeks, but I am cutting it to one). The chief, cook, and bottlewasher are me. So in my latest mailing of 100 (I do about 100-150) at a time the slip was revised to add another week, that is to and through July 23rd. And so it has been done.

The mailings went to big cities surrounding the state of Iowa but not Iowa itself (how many chances do they need?). Getting Iowans here is more difficult than getting someone from New York City! While I have had some success in sales over the years, selling people in this area or in Iowa is not easy. Part of it is, they "think" they know me--for whatever that is worth (nothing). Pretty much those who will not come to a Clinic LIKE staying where they are because they take no action to the contrary. Too bad. And some people were afraid they had to be chess stars to come. Who suggested that? If you are NOT a chess star, we want you!

So, if you register by July 23rd you've got a chance to be in a drawing for a FREE pass for Next Years event, whatever it is, and if it is. I'd like to do an Openings Workshop for 2011. Already ideas are swirling. I've "heard" of a few people WAITING for the next deadline (August 16th) because they prefer the idea of having a chance at getting a FREE set of White Shockers and Black Shockers DVDs. So I will make this OFFER:

Register by July 23rd, and when the winning name is drawn, by someone other than me, you can HAVE your CHOICE of a FREE pass to next year's event OR the White Shockers and Black Shockers set of DVDs. But for the second deadline, there will be no free pass thrown in to next year's event. If all this should make sense, get those registrations in earlier. There are reasons I want to close off these sales: It is work sending out flyers frequently, bookkeeping, and knowing how many sets and boards I will need as well as other logistics (emails, etc.) The sooner I can close the event, the better for you too because I can work on other things such as prizes, book revisions in time for the Clinic and so on. If you can, get your friends to come.

The success rate of returning people to my events is phenomenal and way better than national averages.

Bob Woodworth has already referred someone who is coming! REFERRALS have good offers too as I relayed in a recent emailing: $25 merchandise coupon OR a FREE copy of the updated "My Search for Chess Perfection" or $50 off the price of admission to whatever next year's event will be. Get 3-4 referrals and you can get in FREE! Do you love FREE? Many do. I do.

NOTE: I do not take registrations on the fly. That is, when someone says to me, "Bob, put me down as coming!" My standard reply, is "When you've paid, I will!" Should I be unfair to those who have already staked THEIR claim? I think not.

Quickie details: Clarion Hotel (563-391-1230), Oct. 22-23. (Looks like some more rooms are going to be grabbed, I wouldn't put this off). Details in all those flyers I have been sending out. If you aren't getting one it's because I don't have your email address. You can drop me a line at:

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