Friday, April 1, 2011


It's official! We know where the Chess Summer Event will be and I hope you call them today! I blocked TWENTY ROOMS for us.
Where this will be, in Red Wing, Minnesota, is a lovely place and hopefully a perfect place. I spent days and lots of hours checking these various places out (maybe a couple dozen), so here is what I know and have found out:

1. Country Inn & Suites -- Red Wing, MN 55066
4275 Highway 61 West.

2. The DIRECT Telephone # to Register for the CHESS GROUP is: 651-388-9000. They should have us set up soon. If the person at the desk doesn't know what you are talking about, have them confer with "Erin" (in charge of group sales).

3. Room Rate for that time of the year is $119.90 for July 29 and July 30, each night. If you come a day early, like I plan to do, that is, July 28th, it is $109.90. IF we get 20 or more people (soon) they will discount the rates another $10.00 (keep that in mind). Remember, what you see on the web MIGHT be $30 cheaper (or look cheaper), but that doesn't include the premium for the Summer months. I would like everyone to be in the same Hotel (nope, I do not get a rebate for this). It looks to be a GREAT place and Red Wing a GREAT city!

4. The Hotel Tax rate is 9.875%.

Actually, I was quite pleased with the prices for our stay because in the Summer months in Minnesota they go up to about $180 (or more) per nite the farther North you go--and what I asked for were the weekend rates. I know some of you were quite anxious about dates and places so THAT is now ready to go. If you want to see the amenities and all that goes with the Country Inn, go to:

As I said the other day, I don't have the Registration Fee for this 2 day event figured out yet nor contracts dealt with, so I should know that in a couple days. I think it will be $175.00 and $150.00 if you have a Gold Card 2011... but I have to check with some people.

I will also give you the intended program, hours, and tell you something about Red Wing--which is quaint, exciting, a great place where everyone is welcome... take a couple days off and take a LOAD off and spend it with me (Bob Long), Alex Yermolinsky, and OUR friends. If you want to do more, come a day early (some people often do this to acclimatize).

Do me a little favor IF you would. Please email me that you have reserved a room, and tell me how soon you want to register with me (that would be: What I am LOOKING for, to be honest, are great people and those who want to register early. If you don't have a GOLD CARD but register early there will be a registration discount. This meeting area only has room for 30 people (we had 38 at the Last Chess Clinic) + a sales area. I never kid about space or early registration. I know some people got a kick out of all the different brochures I sent out last year (ELEVEN!!) to entice them to come, but it was pretty draining in terms of time. And after the 7th sending, it produced no NEW results.

Like I said about the programme... there will be impromptu sessions, but also some FIXED events.

Chess in Minnesota is fanatical. There are players from all over this HUGE state. I have sold MANY times in Minneapolis/St. Paul and a lot of people up there know me. So EXPECT Minnesotans to be at the Red Wing Soiree. To guarantee your SEAT, please register EARLY!

Take me seriously... Lots of people in Minnesota will jump at this. I remember what Andy Ansel said to me last year at the Last Chess Clinic (he came from NYC): "I thought I would have an OK time, but it turned out to be Fantastic!"

Looking forward to seeing you... now I can get some other PLANNING done!

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