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Yesterday I was informed of another attendee at the Chess Soiree at the end of July (29-30)--coming from Tennessee, originally from Florida. A very interesting history. One thing I would enjoy attendees doing is to send me a brief C.V. (life resume) if they are coming. WHY? Because it is amazing how "in common" we people are. If I share with someone a background in mathematics, magic, or typography, for example, I often run into others of a similar strain and sometimes lifelong friendships develop. While one "might" think the world can be very "secretive," I have discovered that one can develop "secretive" friendships too--commonality matters. At these events I see old friends, make new ones, and I have registered guests OFTEN tell me they met so and so and he is a "cool guy" and it would never have happened if they hadn't come together. This "party" is meant to be "intimate" and not a huge crowd--I can run other events for that. I do recommend you get your Country Inn reservations in too, maybe even before contacting me, if you want the $100/nite rate. (651-388-9000, The Chess Group). A block of 20 has been saved for us. If we get less than that, the room rate goes to $119.95.

Am still working on an encompassing brochure to get YOU to come. As to reasons why you can't make it: I am sorry you can't. Another friend, a master sergeant buddy, who was also a drill instructor, told me that in his job, "one excuse was as good as any other," and of course, that's right. The other day I was 5 minutes late meeting someone, and I am rarely ever late. I gave up a stupid excuse, "Traffic." While it was true, everyone was out on the road that day, I should have started sooner, as I usually do. I apologized to her, she forgave me, still, she was gracious while I was "late." I deserved a half hour of "jail time."

A new supplemental chess catalog, for May? I am working on one. How is it different from anything Amazon or anyone else does? Simple. Yes, simple: I give you real information. But I have added a new twist to show you I have really looked through the item: I give you the author's sense of what he is writing. For example, in Gary Lane's newest (Prepare to Attack), and in my opinion, best book, he writes a little about HOW opening choices are made. The Sicilian Dragon is often chosen by juniors because it has a "cool name." He himself came to learn the Advance French when he was younger because he looked for the "shortest" line of the French Defense in the day when MCO (Modern Chess Openings) was recommended. Often it is as simple as that! He said he still plays it from time to time. And in that same book he shows a game where he, as White, is on the receiving end of the Latvian Gambit (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 f5) which he refers to as a Reversed King's Gambit. The game is a very tense struggle (2006), but after 19-20 moves Black is all tied up and resigns with his kingside pieces still in their places on the backrow, and the black K being bound and gagged on the queenside at a7!!

As I mention on my new products page, THIS current crop of Everyman Chess books is the best I have seen since the Kasparov series. I am sure we have GM John Emms to thank for this.

The catalog PDF is FREE upon request. I just need your full name and email address. It won't be ready for a few days.

Lastly, yesterday I mailed out the sixth issue of Lasker and His Contemporaries #6 in a crush proof stay-flat mailer. And all single copies went out First Class mail. This is just another enhancement of services from Thinkers' Press and G&L CHESS. Hope you who ordered it get yours soon. Copies are now available for $34.95 + $4.00 for S&H. 72 pages, letter size, printed. Slick cover. Lots of topics.

Tell your friends, if you have any (an old joke), about this Blog if you don't mind.

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