Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's been a busy day!

Four people are either seriously interested or have already put money down for the event in Red Wing--woo hoo! Some have even suggested they will arrive early.

My New Zealand friend, Martin Stafford, said he wished he could think of an "excuse" to get to the USA this summer. Last year he showed at our Chess Clinic in October since he was on Agri business here in Florida.

Dale Suilmann wrote today and said:
"I have good memories of Alex's presentations at Jumers Castle Lodge years ago.My impression then was that he had a terrific ability to convey his thoughts about chess positions -- great insight and very instructive. I can almost see one of the positions in my head now where Alex explained why a queen exchange was so favorable for one of the players (he hadn't seen the position before), and then the presenter (Khmelnitsky maybe?) proceeded to confirm Alex's evaluation as he presented the next few moves of the game."

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