Monday, April 11, 2011


When my printer releases a title such as Lasker #6 that doesn't mean it will be on the truck that afternoon.

However, I have "hope" (which is a poor substitute for strategy) that they will be here this Friday or next Monday or Tuesday. I got the word of their "release" today.

Lots of articles, photos, explanatory essays, and some scarce stuff such as a complete listing and explanation of Lasker's "mathematical papers" by master Nathan Divinsky, himself a mathematician in Canada. In fact, Divinsky will be featured in Chess EXTRAS #6, which will probably be out later this year. I am working on that issue as I go along; it's the fastest way.

My publishing schedule has ramped up, but as some can tell, the event in Minnesota is quite a bit on my mind at the moment. Today someone in Spokane WA evinced interest. It's one of those things where iy is important to get people to get out of the woodwork, look around, and then say, "Yeah, that sounds like fun!" I wanted to call it a Quiet Riot, but that name was taken in the music world.

Also, my first negative review of a ChessBase DVD appeared today in what I am putting together for The Chess Reports #126, due out this Friday. Andrew Martin's articles is also here and if you have ever been bugged by weird openings, or play them yourself, there is "stuff" on the SNIPER, also known years ago as the Pterodactyl. In this case it is only the name which is weird, not the moves. However, there is a game between Ian Rogers and Gruenfeld which Bill Lombardy called the Saragossa Opening (1.c3)

Once again, something for everyone including a dissected BEST move or "What are those Double Exclams for?" A subscription can be had for Semester 10, one week only, for $45 instead of the usual $69.95. 10 fat issues, in color, PDF and emailed to you. Deadline, this Saturday (April 16th).

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