Saturday, April 23, 2011


We have been in the age of advanced technology for some time and it doesn't always work. I "heard" from an engineer I went to school with, in electronics, before 2000, about "cloud computing." So I can imagine others knew about this too and it is NO recent phenomenon. My skepticism has been borne out with Amazon's servers being, essentially, down for several days.

I think what is most incomprehensible to me is that "technocrats" NEVER seem to realize there will come a time when "stuff doesn't work as planned." Especially the stuff which is guaranteed to work such as the "paperless office" I heard about in the mid-80s at a conference I was at. I didn't believe that one either--it has gotten worse! Who is serving this KoolAid? And why are they drinking it themselves?

I want software to work ON my desktop. It has, for many years. I can't trust "cloud computing" to store my stuff AND to get good access to what I need NOW (it will always be slower). I don't trust the gatewatchers and I certainly don't believe cell towers will always work. But the technocrats do. Amazingly, they are totally befuddled by this problem and "what went wrong!" Are these folks living in a dream world? Answer: YES.

Ever notice in the movies how everything works perfectly for scientists and governmental spy agencies (CIA, NSA, etc.)? That's "movieworld." In real life these systems are down WAAAY too often. And one agency will not "database" with another. Nightmare on ELM street.

I've been using my Bulk email server for several years and around renewal time it always craps out. Because of this I was told they would use my credit card every month to avoid this in the future. Here it is, April again, and it's happened! Only this time, they tell me it is MY problem. Funny, I used their servers last week and this last Monday when sending out the Purdy Chess Chronicles. Naturally, I've made no changes in my settings... why would I putz with something that worked?

Outages are a business nightmare.

And as this stuff happens ON or NEAR a weekend (Friday), no one is available to really offer help.

So... until this gets straightened out, I am sending messages about catalogs and such from my MAIL server. Customer and friend Calvin Hori just mentioned to me he GOT my sending of a few moments ago. I really do appreciate this kind of cooperation.

So if I send you something and you have already got it, it means your name is on two different (or more) lists. When the Bulk Email program is working again, it deletes duplicates (same email address)... thus if you get something from me more than once, it is also possible I have two different email addresses from you.

In the meantime, I am attempting to keep my business viable. If you need help or have questions, just contact:

You can also request the newest catalog supplement. It IS ready.


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