Friday, April 15, 2011


Already 3 of the 4 who have paid for the Red Wing event have told me they have booked or soon will be booking rooms to sleep in.

I just got a notice from the Inn this afternoon that only 28 rooms are left. We have blocked out 20 and 3-4 are already taken. So if we have more than 20, people run the risk of no rooms at the Inn... and I would hate that. I urge contacting them now. If something comes up, you can cancel later, but, they can't make NEW rooms available.

I have run a bunch of events in 30 years BESIDES chess. I used to have Magic events too and they were very successful. I have booked tournaments and they tended to do well too. A friend and I are talking about creating an event planner web site and book--all the stuff needed for a successful one. And, having stayed in a kabillion (as she describes big numbers) motels and hotels, I know how good of an idea it is to get a reservation in EARLY plus, ONE MORE THING: contact them a month later to make sure there has been NO flub.

It happens. I remember having a hotel deal in Chicago (at the Essex?). Normally $98, or something like that, and we had a $68 weekend special. When we got there they said, "I'm sorry, I can find no reservation for you Mr. Long." I looked this lying s.o.s. in the eye and said, "I am not leaving this counter window until you you do find it." For some reason, known only to God and him, he was "looking in the wrong file." He found it, and everything was FINE. Course I wouldn't dream of staying there again. My guess is that some Bigger event had come along and they could make $30 more by throwing me out on my butt.

I am not thinking or saying that Country Inn & Suites would do that, they aren't in Chicago. But... it's business AND why take a chance? No good reason. The $100 a nite rooms? I would snap them up. I got their new rates and they start at $128.95. Also, you can catch AMTRAK to Red Wing. For some that would be perfect.

And if you register early you can save money and if you have a Gold Card you can save more money.

NOTE: I am an idiot sometimes about certain things. I have been known to register for hotels and motels at the last minute simply because I have TOO much on my plate. I once had to sleep in my car--every hotel, inn, motel, for 30 miles was booked to the gills. Even a wedding couple had to sleep in a pasture (I hope not!). No joke. Cars are really uncomfortable. Don't be like me about this. I hope to call them this weekend, and I expect to stay an extra nite. I have heard some others say they may get there early too.

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PS: I am expecting Lasker #6 this Monday. I have also ordered special mailing containers for them too!

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