Saturday, April 9, 2011


In Oct. 2010 the Last Chess Clinic was held at a great hotel, the Clarion, in which overniters were charged only $74/nite. These days, that IS an amazing bargain.

In Red Wing, MN, where the next event will take place, the Chess Soiree, we will stay over nite at Country Inn & Suites for $100/nite!! Yes, the tourist season IS busy in MN (try going inside to Cabella's and see just how busy IT is!). But, when I originally contacted Erin it was $119.95 per nite. She's such a sweetie we were able to get the rooms at $100.00, another bargain these days especially at that time of the year.

The have a number of King-size and Queen-size beds set aside for the CHESS GROUP. That's what we are being called, to keep it simple. Call the front desk at 651-388-9000 and ask for the Chess Group rates for July 29, and July 30. I hope you will stay there, it makes it easier on everyone including yourself. Our meeting area will be convenient and we will be close to everything else. By setting aside a room block of 20 (maybe more) we will get that rate. So I urge you to call today, or this coming week.

And, I NEED to do that myself! (I am notorious about last minute lodging. Once I slept overnight in my car. I'm telling you, that was NOT interesting! There were mosquitoes outside, the size of B52s, trying to get in!)

That CHESS GROUP number again is: 651-388-9000.


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