Monday, April 18, 2011


In 1998 I had arranged, along with Prof. Ralph Tykodi, to have John Purdy (son of Cecil, or CJS) Purdy, and Frank Hutchings, son-in-law of CJS, to come to the United States for the First Chess Festival. It was a blast.

That evening, or the next day, we went to Harold's on the Rock, a steakhouse of known exotic tastes. They listed ostrich on the menu and one of those fellows ordered it! They had never tasted ostrich before!
There were more surprises for myself and them. When they landed the first thing they wanted to do was get a close-up look at the Mississippi River (which they flew over) and the Rock Island Lines railroad. So I took them to the "station" which has since been converted to a Visitor's Center and restaurant (I think).

Then I took them to my offices. During that visit I said I wanted to show them something. I was a tad nervous about this since I didn't know their idiosyncrasies, but I chanced it and showed them a picture of Dad and Father-in-Law, according to the Mod Squad-Times newspaper. John and Frank howled with glee! Then they started telling me stories of "Dad" and his attempts at finding a wig to cover his lack of hair. According to them, NONE of his choices were good and the rendition that Rob Long (my son) chose, might've been the most appropriate! We had some great laughs.

In the meantime, Purdy's Chess Chronicles #2 is completed. I am proofing it now and it should be available later this afternoon.

If you are interested in reading the comments of Purdy, his henchmen (Steiner, Goldstein, etc.) you really should subscribe to all four issues for 2011. Each runs about 45-50 pages. With the first issue you will also get the Bonus Index, and the Bonus Interview with Alekhine, which has some hilarious moments in it.

In issue #2 you will see that the Koshnitsky-Purdy match has been unearthed, the one played in 1937, not an earlier training match: 14 annotated games. Also Part II of his opening article on the soundness of the French, how the Queen is over-rated, a story by the roving chess reporter Chielamangus, and the various "disguises" of Cecil Purdy (along with other bits).

Easily worth the $69.95 I am asking for approximately 180 letter sized pages of material you most likely haven't seen anywhere else because they are taken from the pages of Purdy's earliest publication, the Australasian Chess Review.

I am so sure that you will love it that I offer a money back guarantee. I need your email address to download the PDF directly to you. I take PayPal, credit cards except American Express), cash, checks, money orders. If you need to know how to pay, call me at 563-271-6657.

Once again, you can contact me (Bob Long) at:

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