Monday, April 4, 2011


Have not been on here for a couple days but there are some great things in the planning. Readers of The Chess Reports will find out soon and be the first to know and experience.

I am working on another book for David Rudel and while I can't tell you what it is, be blown away by the cover AND the contents!

A special emailing will go out tonight--I hope you read it and act right away to save BIG BUX! And my Bulk emailer in Mass. has sent me info on a completely new and better (yeah) interface which I am hoping will make my job easier.

Lasker & His Contemporaries #6 finally did go to the printer on Saturday. I am glad I did wait a couple days (always those last minute look overs) because something important came in Saturday's mail.

Most of the work has been completed for Alekhine the Executioner. I will be adding a few more games as I didn't annotate as deeply as I had on Lasker and Blackburne because the moves OFTEN were obvious BUT the Execution (the diagram at point of impact!) was not!

So as you can see, it's been busy here. If I could just be busy packing orders that would be even better! Hope to get a mini-Catalog out this week!

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