Sunday, April 24, 2011


But now answering single emails has provided another unneeded twist.

I got dozens of kind folks telling me they got the bulk email sending, but now when I try to answer them, I am told my outgoing server isn't up to snuff. So I am still poking around.

The "problem" with the original batch sending appeared to be the 1.8 Mb file I was sending. Contacting the program developers, they said I could send files up to 15 Mb in size. Maybe, but not this time. So I removed some pages and it worked. Took all evening and night, but it worked.

So while I wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER, there are still some things to take care of. See you when I see you. And to think, the thought of ditching my cell phone had occurred to me too.

Belt tightening is the order of the day as it appears more hiring is being done (a paradox?). Sounds crazy but that's what I am experiencing. April, as I said in an earlier emailing, really bites the Big One.

So this year it will be important for me to more closely watch April for 2012.

Maybe I'll get out today and "smell the roses."

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