Wednesday, March 30, 2011


If you think holding an event, anywhere, is easy as 1-2-3, well, then you aren't me!

I have spent a lot of hours looking for a nice place, an affordable place, and one with access from airports or a scenic drive if you go that route... and I think I have it.

Sometime, within the next 24 hours, I will have information confirmed about price and other amenities and I will then let you know. The place is so cool it makes my hair stand on end. Not a big metro area, a small, touristy, nifty area where this Hotel has what we need, and access for everything else.

If the place turns out as great as it sounds, it's one of those places where you would want to go again! Near neat sights and sounds. A gambling casino is 15 or more miles away. Great restaurants of all kinds. The scenery and locale is breathtaking.

I looked at bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) and while MOST of them looked very good, they were just too small for our needs. "Our" meeting place holds up to 40 people at tables, but I would say up to 30 comfortably with sales table, a place to play, talk and goof off. Free breakfast. I'm looking at July 29 and 30 as the overnight stays, with people leaving on Sunday the 31st. I may get there a day early (Want to come early? Let me know.), i.e., July 28th so I can take the area in, relax a little, and not be rushed. Very informal. Walking the streets, checking out the shops... looking for a place that sells superb fudge!

On Friday the check in time starts at 3 p.m. We'll roll about 6-7 pm to 10 pm, and then on Saturday, we'll start about 10 am and run to 6 pm... pretty much our usual approach. Then if you find something fun you want to do in the evening on Saturday, you will have time.

I have a book planned, and a number of great activities including TACTICS at the board. I seriously suggest you renew your USCF membership (whether you like the USCF or not) because there will be a small tournament included with the tactics session and you will be required to keep score because there will be a great memento (FREE) which each of you will get mailed to you afterward.

As you might have read, GM Alex Yermolinsky will be there too! I don't have the rates for the event yet as I have two contracts to negotiate but they will be based on that. I highly recommend getting a 2011 GOLD CARD ($50) now, because you will save $25 on the event plus more on any of the things you purchase. You'll have that card paid for before you leave town and can still use it the rest of the year (including NOW)! This "golden offer" expires March 31, 2011 (after tomorrow).

More details coming... including the probable Programme. It's just a FEW days out of your life, and those who read this Blog are definitely welcome to come, participate, and enjoy all the experiences I, Alex, and our guests can bring to this event in a sweet environment! More details coming. Accepting the FIRST 30 confirmed. One has already sent in his reservation.

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